Lincoln Center Game Table

Editor rating

3/5 on June 17, 2017

User's rating

5 reviews


  • Looks fantastic
  • Comes with a cover board to make it look like an ordinary table
  • Has a drawer to keep the game pieces in and other household stuff
  • Has four legs making it sturdy
  • It's reasonably priced


  • No pieces included


For the budget conscious buyer who's looking for something that will fit in and is also practical, we recommend this unit. It will look the part at the side of the lounge or in the corner of the lounge room.

This little beauty can be used as a coffee table, as corner piece, a backgammon table and a chess table! It’s stylish nature means that it will fit with most modern decors and not look out of place in your home. It would even fit well in one of the kids rooms.

The Lincoln Center Game Table is made from Inlaid Rosewood veneer. It’s 19″ wide by 19 1/2″ high. (For the chess or checkers players, the squares are 1 1/2″ by 1 1/2″). These are great measurements for that super competitive game with your family and friends.

When not in use, this backgammon table can double as an equally functional end table or side table to your lounge. It comes with a matching wood panel that covers the board surface which makes it functional as an ordinary table.

Unfortunately this unit does not come with any playing pieces. You’d think including some playing pieces would be easy enough which would then round this out as a one purchase package. However, it is a great looking unit and an additional purchase of some playing pieces during the checkout process won’t kill the bank.

Most conveniently, it does feature a pull-out drawer to contain your playing pieces (be it backgammon or chess, or both, you’ll need to purchase them anyway – sore point) and probably a few other bits and pieces most homes have laying about – thinking pack of cards, bottle opener, that special key, etc.

Should you wish to purchase this backgammon table, you’ll want to purchase backgammon pieces that are around 7/8″ in diameter and really probably not any bigger. If you also want to purchase chess pieces then the bases should be no bigger than 1 1/4″ in size.

This backgammon table has fairly good reviews on Amazon – around 4/5 stars, although at time of writing there are only 5 reviews.

Another table that for the price, you can’t go wrong – just don’t forget to order your playing pieces with it.