Bishop Game Table by ACME Furniture

Editor rating

3.5/5 on June 22, 2017

User's rating

23 reviews


  • Double side game board, backgammon & chess/checkers
  • Great looking
  • Two drawers for extra storage options


  • No pieces included
  • Constructed from cheaper materials


A great looking table at a great price - good value.

This tidy unit comes to you featuring a double sided game board, a wooden pedestal base and a drawer for safe storage of game pieces when the table is not in “game-play” mode. As well as a backgammon table, the opposite side of the game board is a chess board. The manufacturers have even thought of including finger holes for easy changing of game mode.

Unfortunately, as it seems to be the norm, this unit does not come with any pieces. Look out for our accessories section for a selection of playing pieces.

The Bishop Game Table is manufactured in China which gives reason to the cheaper price. In my experience, some Chinese manufactured items are of inferior quality. This table is manufactured from MDF and wood veneer which are cheaper materials.¬†However, you can’t really complain given the price and the appearance of this table.

Although not visible in the supplied images, the game table has two drawers which helps keep different game pieces separated. Or possibly one drawer for the remote control and another for the playing pieces.

This table is 31 inches in height, and 28 inches by 28 inches wide and deep. The chess/checkers squares are 2 inches by 2 inches. The table weighs in at 54 pounds.

This unit is currently sitting in the top 5 (number 4) Amazon best sellers for its category at time of writing (Jun 2017). You’ll need to assemble the table yourself but no doubt that’s to be expected these days.